Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here's a promotional picture from when the pool was new... the contrast between old and new is amazing. In the back corner of the room (almost center of the picture) you can see the door that was broken open when I got in through. It's really awesome to see it after having been there and. The juxtaposition of the atmosphere between then and now is fantastic. Currently, it kind of looks, sounds, and smells like a cave. All you can hear inside is water dripping onto tile or puddles. It has a really awesome smell of moss and cedar, and is covered in grime and dark recesses. By contrast, the picture below shows a bright room with pristine tile. I would imagine the air being heavy with the smell of chlorine.

It's interesting that the imagery of both old and new creates a sense of seclusion, but in different ways... in the contemporary photos, the space has been closed in on by the surrounding trees, creating almost a defensive wall, sheltering it from the outside world. The original space has an air of cavalier confidence, with the outside world being blocked out or disregarded.

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